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What is Future for America?

The eight long Bush years have not been easy on the world, not to mention the United States itself. Not satisfied with wrecking foreign relations and launching a full scale war, the Bush administration has caused countrywide disaster. George W. Bush’s resume includes: bringing America further down into debt; dragging its economy to the point of recession; failing to engage in education and healthcare; as well as practically ignoring climate change, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

As most of you will agree the 2008 presidential election is anything but ordinary, providing extraordinary candidates, from both parties, in a time when the American people is screaming for better leadership. 

Because this election is so extraordinary it demands an extraordinary blog, covering events in the heat leading up to the election as well as the presidential nominee’s actions in office. I chose to name this blog Future for America because this election is all about the future. Thanks to the Bush years the United States is facing a tremendous crisis and speculations if the empire is about to fall goes further than this blog. The politics of tomorrow need to be different, they have to be different, if America is to recover. 

With that said the question still remains; Who is most capable of providing the so desperately needed change in Washington? 

John-McCain-loyalists will tell you, without a doubt, that he will be the best Commander in Chief. I, on the other hand, join the chorus of voices who chant “Yes We Can, Yes We Can!”, pointing to a full size Barack Obama poster.

However, the importance of these events does not stop with the election. The future president’s actions after taking office will decide wether America will rise up and meet the challenges of the 21st century. Therefore this blog will stretch beyond the issues of the election, covering the aftermath and most importantly the future politics of America. Future for America will not be satisfied with mere promises of better politics; only when actions to enforce these changes take place will there be hope for this nation.  

Who is behind Future for America?

I’m a student who, like so many others, got interested in American politics when I first saw Barack Obama on stage in November 2007. Having joined the grunts of disgust and despair during the Bush years I could do nothing but get intrigued by Barack Obama’s clear message of change when he announced his candidacy for president of the United States.

Since that day my interest for American politics have grown rapidly. I have followed the first steps of the prolonged primaries, watched the fights and smears dividing the democratic party and I have seen Barack Obama and John McCain rise up and accept the nominations at the Democratic and Republican Conventions. 

With the election so close I feel it is time to share my views and intrigue others to discuss the future, not only of America but of every nation. More important than the election is the actions afterwards. We need to make sure the promises made during the heat of the campaigns are sincere and will be fulfilled.

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One Response to “About the Blog”

  1. I agree that Bush is no good to the US and a change is critical for the nation. I belive that alot wil change if Obama is voted for president and I agree on the aspect where the promises has to be fulfulled to avoid deceit and trust.

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