Change Has Come At Last!


“If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.”                  
                                                                     – Barack Obama

After two agonizing years of hard work, tough primaries and fierce campaigning Barack Obama has won a sweeping victory in last night’s election, breaking the racial barrier and becoming the first Afro-American to be elected President of the United States! It has been a long journey (gosh, don’t get me started) but the change we have fought for has come at last, we can fill our hearts with new hope because finally we are seeing a clear end to the nightmare of President George W Bush’s governing. I will not make any excuses for the sentimentalism in this post. This has been a historical election and today is a day of joy and celebration! (I can’t be the only one with tears in my eyes)

“Forty-five years ago Martin Luther King had a dream of an America where men and women would be judged not on the colour of their skin but on the content of their character.
Today what America has done is turn that dream into a reality.”
                                        – Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister

Having followed Barack Obama since he first announced his candidacy in Illinois this has truly been a much anticipated day for me (and everyone else, of course). Despite the last weeks convincing lead the President-elect’s campaign has not always had it as easy. Having gone through a vigorous primary, facing one of the toughest opponents and securing the nomination just by an inch, Mr Obama was tested early. The clashes with republican candidate John McCain have also been fierce and the preposterous claims that Mr. Obama would be a terrorist tore on everyone’s patience. 

You might argue that any Democrat would have had an easy win against Mr McCain, who had both the economic crisis and the heavy weight of the Bush legacy against him. However, Mr Obama won this election because he saw what is wrong with this country: the utter failure of government to protect its citizens and its role as a unifying force in the world. (BBC has two interesting analyses of why Barack Obama won and why John McCain lost)

The soul of Barack Obama’s campaign has been hope and change, in which lies a desire to unify the country which have been split for too long. In his victory speech the President-elect voiced his concern and warned the American people that all is not won yet;

“[We must] look after not only ourselves but each other. Let us remember that if this financial crisis taught us anything it is that we can not have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers. In this country we rise or fall as one nation, as one people. Let’s resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.” 
                                                                           – Barack Obama

Throughout the campaign Obama (and we who support him) have fought the republican smears, spreading the truth and focusing on what really matters. Tonight we have seen the result of this struggle, we have witnessed the American people rise up and elect a President who will lead us towards a brighter future. The outcome of tonight’s election has proved that America is ready for change (and change will come). However, like Mr Obama so often says himself, change will not come easy. The journey here has been tough but there is an even tougher road ahead. It will take determination, patience and hard work, sacrifices and even some broken promises. Yet no leader could be better equipped to unify and motivate the American people than Barack Obama.


“Tonight change has come to America.”

– Kajsa, Admin Future for America


~ by politicsoftomorrow on November 5, 2008.

One Response to “Change Has Come At Last!”

  1. Det skall bli mycket intressant att se hur Obama kommer att kunna leva upp till de enorma förväntningar han byggt upp. Han har själv genom sin entusism och visionära kraft byggt skpapt en enorm utmaning genom sit löfte om avgörande förändringar. Han är en mycket begåvad retoriker nu återstår att se i vilken grad han även är en real politiker. Men han har hela tiden förenat sin visionära övertygelse med en pragmatisk hållning ” det kommer inte bli lätt2 samt visat en beredvillighet att lyssna och kompromissa. Jag uppksattar hans hållning att det är speciellt viktigt att lyssna på dem man är oense med. jag tror därför han har förutsättningarna. Det skall bli mycket intressant och viktigt. Hans budksap om att det är möjligt att förändra är oerhört viktig och kommer om han lyckas vara en källa till insipration över hela jordklotet. Det kan behövas!

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