Foul Play Will Not Help McCain

Frustration and anger (soon to be joined by desperation) have shaped the republican campaign during the last couple of weeks. As we move closer and closer to the 4th November election the failure of Mr McCain’s smear tactics becomes more obvious, as seen here. This is a perfect example of why negative campaigning should take no part in politics and it is encouraging to know that (most) voters of the 21st century are persuaded by more important factors.

The prejudice and racist remarks uttered in the video highlight the fact that race is still an issue in America. However, the misconception that Mr Obama is a muslim, an arab or even a terrorist, comes solely as a result of the ambitious (but confusing) effort by the McCain campaign to damage Barack Obama’s image and sow a seed of doubt among still undecided voters. This tactic has clearly failed; Mr McCain does not only find himself having to defend his opponent against republican attacks but has fallen heavily in the polls while Mr Obama is enjoying day after day with a double digit lead.

According to a New York Times poll Mr McCain, who quite recently has tried to adopt Mr Obama’s message of change (claiming he is the real maverick), is actually spending most of his time on the kind of personal attacks which threaten to divide the country further, whereas Mr Obama is spending more time explaining his position on the issues that matter. With only three weeks to go voters are getting tired of candidates’ pointing fingers and welcome Obama’s more than eager effort to focus the campaign on the economy, healthcare and other main issues.

Still, John McCain’s struggle to keep his approval rating above (or even at) average is not only due to the ways of his campaign, but also a result of the well organized, research-full and original Obama team he has had the misfortune to go up against. (They recently extended their advertising network to cover MTV-channels and X-box games)

As the third and final presidential debate takes place tonight John McCain is certainly feeling the pressure; his performance tonight will be watched (and more closely scrutinized than Mr Obama’s) by millions of voters. Rumors are Mr McCain will attack his opponent fiercely, but on what grounds? If he has learnt anything the last few weeks he will make sure to stay away from personal attacks (if not: bye bye McCain).


— Kajsa, Admin Future for America


~ by politicsoftomorrow on October 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Foul Play Will Not Help McCain”

  1. Jag hoppas verkligen du har rätt, att plumpa personangrepp eller direkt lögner med tydliga rasistiska undertoner inte lönar sig. Men jag är inte så säker på att de amerikanska väljarna förmår varja sig mot det. Det har önat sig allt för många gånger , inte minst i Bushs kampanj. Det som talar mest emot Obamam tror jag tyvärr är Bradleyeffekten. Valet blir därför inte bara ett val mellan två politiska inriktningar utan en test av det amerikanska folkets mognadsnivå.

  2. Are you really a maverick if you tell everyon that you are one?
    Is that not like saying that I am really humble guy?
    I really hope that Obama wins but we ave to remember 2004 when the voters actually re-elected George W Bush. If the voters are capable of doing that we cannot expect anything. Maybe Plato was right….

    P.S. I really like the cartoon 🙂

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