A Change of Policy Gone Bad

The Gallup poll which was released today clearly shows the last failure of the McCain campaign. The poll asked voters what reasons lay behind their support for either candidate and while 37 % said they would vote for Barack Obama because he will bring change to Washington only 3 % said the same about John McCain. 

In McCain’s eager attempt to adopt the message of change he seems to have forgotten a thing or two; first of all you should not start out with distancing yourself from the notourious Mr Bush if you are gonna flip-flop and actually end up right next to him. The result? McCain fails to steal change-votes and ends up losing some of his own instead. Not to mention it makes him look stupid.

I find it hard to believe McCain really thinks he can “steal” the movement for change, which the Obama campaign so successfully have built. Not only does he lack the youth, looks and charisma of the movement’s icon, but his ideas, views and values (at least the recent ones) couldn’t be further apart from the meaning of change. This, however, clearly doesn’t stop him from trying.

Sarah Palin is his most recent move in this robbery and, as I’ve pointed out in my last post, it is brave but foolish. Although it did attract more voters they were neither Hillary Clinton’s Traveling Pantsuit followers nor change seeking Obama loyalists. No, what McCain did was attract more of the same, votes which Obama wouldn’t (and couldn’t) even dream of; conservative republican votes.

Another Gallup poll, which was released earlier this week, confirmed McCain’s failed attempt as his 5 point lead was dismissed as a post convention bounce. That said he is still 1 point ahead, which can be explained by the Palin factor; when asked why they would give John McCain their vote 10 % of likely voters stated Sarah Palin as their strongest reason.

With Sarah Palin’s more than full support for pro-life and other conservative views she is seen as the ideal candidate by the conservative republicans. This comes as a relief for the Obama campaign, as they can rest assured Mrs Palin will have nothing to do with either feminists nor change seeking liberals. 



— Kajsa, Admin Future for America


~ by politicsoftomorrow on September 16, 2008.

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