Alaska for America? Not really…

I imagine few of you have missed the chocking event of last week. No, I’m not talking about the fact that Mr McCain turned 72 (although that is chocking enough). I’m talking about the, up until now, rather unknown governor who have attracted the attention of journalists around the world; the second half of the republican ticket and first term Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin.

No matter how disappointing it may be, I’m not going to join the mass of bloggers in the debate about sexism, which keep on occupying the media. Instead I will focus on what really matters and point out some of the most unnerving issues with the McCain/Palin ticket.

Although he has always been a no-vote for me, John McCain seemed to pull a different way than George W. Bush before the Republican convention, disagreeing with him on a range of issues; climate change and abortion to name a few. However his recent choice of VP has made me reconsider this first impression, realizing his judgement is not much different from the current president’s after all.

44-years old, Sarah Palin’s experience (or rather lack of experience) is the first thought that comes to mind. Such a choice for VP is especially bewildering as the McCain campaign’s most aggressive attacks against Barack Obama have been focused on his young age and inexperience. The republicans are eager to point out that the Alaskan governor’s experience is far greater than Mr Obama’s and even suggests that she is the one who is ready to change Washington! This assumption, ridiculous and untrue, is partly based on the fact that Mrs Palin made the unselfish act of selling the former governor’s private yet. As heroic as this might seem, the VP candidate’s views on most of issues does not agree with this adapted message of political reform.

To give you an example: Mrs Palin is utterly convinced that women, no matter how young or under what circumstances (even rape!), should have no saying in decisions made concerning their own bodies. As if that wasn’t enough the Alaskan governor does not support sexual education in schools, rather vying for abstinence-only. This seems controversial since the news of her teenage daughter being pregnant highlights the failure of this type of education and underscores the importance of educating the american youth about safer sex.  

Taking a stronger stand on the fight against global warming and climate change will be a tough job with Sarah Palin as VP because she does not believe it is man-made. Furthermore her religious belief is in creationism and she supports a school reform which would prohibit the teachings of evolution, substituting this with God’s shaping of the world in 7 days. 

Is this really the kind of person we want to put in the second most powerful job, on earth? 

Despite my loud protests there seem to be those who would like to see the former Miss Alaska-runner-up with enough power to cause havoc on the planet. Since Sarah Palin joined the ticket McCain has not only closed the gap but actually gained a 5-point lead over Obama. Dismaying as this is, it helps to explain the chocking and risky decision made by the McCain campaign; attract more voters no matter what.

This is no out-of-the-blue assumption, as a matter of fact one of McCain’s own senior advisers, Carly Fiorina, paints a pretty clear picture in this interview. Do I need to count how many times she avoids the issue?

I have not yet come to a conclusion wether she will be an asset or disaster to the McCain campaign, but one thing is certain; Sarah Palin is too extreme a person not to have an effect on the outcome of this election and she will surely add to the suspense in November (as if it wasn’t enough already).


— Kajsa, Administrator, Future for America

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~ by politicsoftomorrow on September 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Alaska for America? Not really…”

  1. There are some signs that a McCain-presidency would in effect be a third, or fourth, Bush term albeit a less incapable one. These signs are getting stronger by the day and now I am not even so sure it will be less impotent. McCain is a 72-year old soldier who does not think Internet is worth noticing and Sarah Palin seems to embody everything that a secular (and arrogant?) European think is wrong with the G.O.P.

    Well I guess one has to buy the Palin T-shirt and the Palin doll anyway….

    Interesting date on your post..

  2. Otroligt bra analys, som inte bara visar hur väl insatt du är i det ämne är vöäldigt inspirerarane att läsa! Mycket välskrivet och snygg upplagt. jag är imponerad. Som jag förstår det har McCain valt Palin främst av populistiska skäl. Hon är allt han inte är, ung och karsimatisk ,samtidigt som hon är talesman för den kristna högern. Men kan inte i våra ögon ganska extrema åsikter vara ett problem även för republikaner. Jag tror knappast hon attraherar Hillary Clintons anhängare. Men är inte denna förrföriska kombination av ultrakonservatism och ungdomlig framtoning märklig? McCain är ju liberal jämfört med henne. Hur rädda har vi anledning att vara om hon hamnar ett hjärtslag från president. Han lär ha uppgett att det kanske kan bli aktuellt att angripa Ryssland om de inte drar tillbaks sina trupper från Georgien. Det låter tom mer våghalsigt, för att inte säga dumdristigt än Bush.

  3. Angripa Ryssland brukar ju av tradition inte vara någon hit.
    Antagligen är det bara valfläsk hur paradoxalt det än kan låta. Vi får hoppas att Obamas protektionism också är valfläsk

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